About Athina von Haus Wisen Baker

Show rating: Vorzuglich
Description: Excellent show ring performance in working class

Breed survey: Koerklasse 
Description: Especially recommended for breeding based on confirmation; courage,  obedience under pressure, endurance tests and hips/elbows rating certifications

Working title: IGP3

Description:  The highest level 3 in scent tracking, protection and advanced obedience performance

Hips/elbows: HD a1 ED a0

Description: Excellent

DM: Normal/Normal

Description: Clear/negative of Degenerative Myelopathy genes presence

Athina is an exceptional show dog and has competed in Regional Whole Europe Sieger show LSZS in Germany. Athina is V LGZS (regional whole Europe Sieger show in Germany)

Athina is a certified medical alert dog and lives inside the home with our family and other dogs

DM clear – both normal/normal result. DNA registered.

Athina is daughter of World GrandChampion VA BSZS Kwantum Klostermoor, granddaughter of World GrandChampion VA BSZS Zamp and the #29 female in the World, SG29 BSZS, V Pirka vom Huhnegrab – daughter of World GrandChampion VA BSZS Orbit

Athina has mahogany red color; very big bone; very big head, extra thick coat

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