Fasap & Bianka Puppies | Born 05-21-24

Dad: Fasap Danaos

IGP3 Koerklasse Hips/Elbows excellent-ED 0 normal HD A1 normal CACIB Champion DM clear

Mom: Bianka

IGP3 Koerklasse Hips/Elbows excellent-HD A normal ED 0 normal DM clear

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1 Female

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Fasap and Bianka Puppies Available

EXCLUSIVE CELEBRITY Both parents bred in Germany, both highest level IGP3, DM free OFA certified breeding, both are medical service dogs: FCI GrandChampion Fasap / Bianka, all generations excellent hips/elbows, World GrandChampions VA BSZS pedigree, big bones, mahogany red Litter

1 Female is available – Luxurious Gorgeous Mahogany Red/Black PLUSH Normal Stock Coat. All babies in this litter have amazing wide huge bone structure, huge heads, luxurious plush normal stock coats and rich intense mahogany red/black color/pigmentation. 

The both parents have the HIGHEST working title IGP3 and official International level FCI breed survey, are top show rated, both are certified medical service dogs, and have strongest female and male lines pedigree – grandmother, great grandmother, with all highest IGP3, generation after generation. Impossible to find elsewhere. This is the source of top IQ level, intelligence level, trainability of the puppies. Our puppies have amazing temperament – playful, energetic, very sweet, and affectionate towards humans. Our puppies are used to interacting with very small dogs such as Yorkies. Our puppies are raised in our home with our family surrounded by constant love and attention. Our puppies follow an organic, home cooked diet.

Puppies go to their new families with written bill of health after full vet examination by pediatrician. Vaccinated and treated for all parasites prevention per health care schedule for growing puppies.

All true German quality, high standard level breeding meaning all dogs in over 50 generations pedigree have working titles IPO/SCH, legal breed survey KKL as especially recommended for breeding which includes hips/elbows certifications good/excellent and endurance test, top show rated including on world level
Raised in house with family, other dogs including 5lb Yorkies, on organic home cooked human grade food.

The father Fasap has most stable temperament, very outgoing. He has striking looks: PLUSH LUXURIOUS normal stock coat, amazing deepest richest most imaginable mahogany red color and shiny black back, stunning rare to find so desirable full black face mask.

CHAMPION SG1 in Youth class (12-18 mo old). He was shown, trained and titled, received breed survey under our ownership. At just 20 mo old he obtained the highest level of working title – IPO3, got his breed survey – KKL. He is OFA DM certified negative, both genes Normal/Normal. Hips/elbows certified excellent HD a1 ED0. DNA registered. Fasap is certified medical service dog.

He is coming from best combination of bloodlines: the father – #1 ranked male in the World SG1 BSZS, VA BSZS Asap Adamar, multiple legends World GrandChampions VA BSZS in many generations down of his pedigree: Saabat, Ober, Zamp, Peik, Remo, Vegas;….too many to list.


Bianka is our star! obtained her highest level of working title IPO3, same as her mother/father, grandmothers/grandfathers, aunts/uncles – all IPO3 pedigree. She is top V show rated in Germany, KKL especially recommended for breeding.

She obtained her highest level of working title IPO3, same as her mother/father, grandmothers/grandfathers, aunts/uncles – all IPO3 pedigree. She is top V show rated in Germany, KKL especially recommended for breeding

She has big bones, and mahogany red/black color
DM clear – both normal/normal result, hips/elbows certified excellent. DNA registered.

Bianka is a certified medical alert service dog and lives inside the home with our family and other dogs

Her father is World Grand Champion VA BSZS 4 years in a row Ballack Brucknerallee, #1 ranked male in the World VA1 2015 and VA1 BSZS 2016! son of World GrandChampion VA BSZS Figo, grandson of World GrandChampions VA BSZS Furbo, Erasmus, Hill
Bianka has combination of most desirable lines of World GrandChampions VA1 BSZS Ballack, VA2 BSZS Willas and VA2 BSZS Walerry, VA2 BSZS Quenn, VA1 BSZS Zamp, VA1 BSZS Larus…..all together in one pedigree

Her both parents are highest level IPO3, also grandparents including females are highest level SCH/IPO3, aunts and uncles to be highest level IPO3, all world grand champions pedigree in all generations

Bianka’s mother is our stunning Mara – our star, rare beauty, she obtained her IPO3 title at only 2.5 years old. She has big bones, mahogany red/black, DNA registered
DM clear – both normal/normal result

Mara’s mother is our stunning top Sch3 Greta (info about Greta and Mara’s aunt Gretchen can be seen on page “our females”) – daughter of multiple champion highest rated – VA Ronaldo, granddaughter of world champion Larus, Great granddaughter of world champion Yasko, Ursus, Visum…..top show rated at whole Europe regional Sieger shows LSZS; her father is #1 ranked male in the World VA BSZS Willas Grafenbrunn, his sister littermate is also World champion VA BSZS Walerry; Willas is multiple champion in Regional European Sieger shows LSZS, multiple champion in Germany. Deepest richest mahogany red, huge bones. Highest level of all world champions pedigree obtainable: son of #3 ranked male in the World legend producer Tyson; grandson of legends producers World champions Zamp, Quenn, Orbit….too many to list! World champions in every generation of his pedigree

DM clear – both normal/normal result, hips/elbows certified excellent. DNA registered.

Her mother is our Xylena, the highest level of training title SCH3 KKL V, please see her info on our females page

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