About Electra von Haus Wisen Baker

Show rating: Vorzuglich
Description: Excellent show ring performance in working class

Breed survey: Koerklasse 
Description: Especially recommended for breeding based on confirmation; courage,  obedience under pressure, endurance tests and hips/elbows rating certifications

Working title: IGP3

Description:  The highest level 3 in scent tracking, protection and advanced obedience performance

Hips/elbows: HD a1 ED a0

Description: Excellent

DM: Normal/Normal

Description: Clear/negative of Degenerative Myelopathy genes presence


Electra obtained the highest level IPO3 working title, official breed survey KKL.

Very large bone female.

DM clear – both normal/normal result, hips/elbows certified excellent. DNA registered

Electra is a certified medical alert service dog and lives inside the home with our family and other dogs

All males in her pedigree and also her mother and grandmother are the highest level IPO3

Her mother our stunning Xylena!

Stunning VP2 USA VICE SIEGERINE JR PUPPY – NATIONAL SIEGER SHOW LAKE GENEVA, WI, BY UNITED SCHUTZHUND CLUBS OF AMERICA -UScA, UNDER SV JUDGE PETER SCHWEIMER, there were appr. 40 females in her class; she is also V show rated in working class (Germany).

She has been raised in our house since 8 wks old. We have trained, taken all the way to sch3, kkl1LBZ and shown several times in Germany by our kennel

Xylena is daughter of World GrandChampion VA BSZS Ingodd’s Agassi and World ranked V54 BSZS, GrandChampion – highest VA show rated in USA, highest level SCH3 Lissy vom Baruther Land, granddaughter of World GrandChampion legend VA1 BSZS Zamp, VA BSZS Ghandi

Xylena has deepest richest mahogany red/black color; dark, black face and glossy black saddle; extremely wide bone; very big head, extra thick coat
Electra’s father Mailo has DNA registered
Son of World GrandChampion VA BSZS Bella, grandson of World GrandChampions VA BSZS Vegas, Zamp, Bax….
Mailo is multiple champion In Germany, GrandChampion – Sieger at LSZS – Regional whole Europe Sieger show
# 11 ranked male in the World – SG11 BSZS, V20 BSZS; twice top VA rated in USA

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