About Mara vom Hamburger Land RIP my Baby with heart of a Lioness

Mara has crossed the rainbow bridge

Breed survey: Koerklasse I

Description: Especially recommended for breeding

Title: SchH1 (IPO1)

Description: First level of Schutzhund title. Dog passed all three phases: scent tracking, obedience and protection for SchH1 level

Show rating: Vorzuglich

Description: Excellent show and performance rating

Mara is a very rare dog: extremely strong and tough in protection work, capable to withstand any level of pressure from a helper during bite work; she is a true security/protection dog but very loving and gentle with family. She has an extremely large bone frame.

Mara is a certified medical alert service dog and lives inside the home with our family and other dogs

DM clear – both normal/normal result, hips/elbows certified excellent. DNA registered.

SZ2096552; German import, red/black color. High V7 (LG) show rated in Germany

Mara produced several litters. Passing down her incredible structure and amazing temperament.

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