About Pirka vom Huhnegrab RIP

Pirka has crossed the rainbow bridge.

Pirka is ranked #29 female in the world – SG29 BSZS and high V show rated. Imported from Germany.

Pirka is a certified medical alert service dog and lives inside the home with our family and other dogs

DM clear – both normal/normal result, hips/elbows certified excellent. DNA registered.

Pirka is daughter of World GrandChampion VA BSZS, #1 ranked dog, GrandChampion of Spain VA1 Spain – Orbit vom Huhnegrab, she is granddaughter of twice World GranChampion VA1 BSZS Yasko v. Farbenspiel and on her mother side she is
granddaughter of #3 dog in the World VA3 BSZS Esko vom Danischen Hof

Pirka is an excellent loving mother and does not mind to babysit sometimes for other mothers

SV breed survey description:
Large, medium strong, contentful, very strong head, very beautiful expression, harmonious, dry and firm. Very beautiful lines, correct front, pronounced withers, correct croup, correct angulation front and back, free gating, strong movements. TSB pronounced; discharges.

Pirka is proven producer of top quality puppies placed high SG, V at shows in Germany, all her puppies have great bite work

Show rating: Vorzuglich
Description: Excellent show and performance rating

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