About Volvo vom Elzmundungsraum


Volvo is one of the most beautiful sons of V4 German BSZS Sieger; GrandChampion VA4 Spain, VA1 Swiss, multiple European GrandChampion V LSZS Digger vom Elzmundungsraum

Volvo is the grandson of #1 male in the world – WORLD SIEGER GrandChampion VA1 BSZS Zamp

Volvo is a certified medical alert service dog and lives inside the home with our family and other dogs

Volvo has extremely large bone structure, very masculine male, 110 lbs

NY champion, BH, HD a1 normal. DNA registered, super low – excellent ZW score! just 71

Volvo got the highest SG1 conformation show rating under German SV judge, Rainer Mast, in 18-24 mo old youth group

Per SV judge description at conformation show:
“large, very strong, powerful, masculine male, normal withers straight back, slightly sloped croup, very good angulation front and rear, straight front, good chest proportions, strong head, very fluid, very good movement, steps straight, good pigment”

Show rating: Vorzuglich
Description: Excellent show and performance rating

Breed survey: Koerklasse I
Description: Especially recommended for breeding

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