Read What Von Haus Wisen Baker Customers are Saying

10-18-12:  My son and I LOVE him so much. He is going for narcotics detection- starts when he’s 10 11 months- he’s 6 months now. WE call him TIMBER. Timber is awesome, so beautiful and smart, LOVELY solid disposition

My second from you – Tasha – is doing great, her OB is amazing!!! I believe your dogs are the best and most nice temperament as well most handsome in Canada

Joanne Bradley
Vancouver, BC

1-20-12: We really appreciated the time you spent with us yesterday. Your dogs have all the wonderful characteristics of quality GS. Your care of your dogs fits with what I would like to see.


6-5-11: Just wanted you to know Marz (Bugati) is doing good…growing fast…I get so many compliments about him…I only refer people to your website when asked where I got him. Once again…thank you.

Rico Webb

I cannot be happier with my pack of 7 I purchased from you! They are my life. All 7 are so loving, so beautiful and protective. 

Richard Jones



Fiona is beautiful, large deeply pigmented, extremely talented German bred female. Her sire is E’U2 De La Petite Laeticia. Her dam is one of my favorites, Pirka Vom Huhnegrab, ranked #29 in the world. Fiona has the nose of a champion. It is for that reason that she was chosen to be trained as a Medical Alert Service Dog. This is a job she takes very seriously. She has surpassed all of our expectations. She receives compliments as to her beauty where ever she goes. We are very proud of her, and enjoy her company and her exquisite manners where ever we go. 



A true beauty, Jazmine is still very much the puppy. Her extremely deep pigment is highly sought after. Sired by multiple Champion, Boomer Vom Polarstern, she has his bear like head and fluid way of going. Like him, she is quiet but confident. Her dam, is also Pirka Vom Huhnegrab. Jazmine only wants to please. A fantastic looking female



Gizelle is what should be considered an almost perfect example of a female German Shepherd dog. She has size, deep black/red pigment, fluid movement and a deep and loving sense of loyalty. Sired by none other than VA and world champion Lennox Von Regina Pacis. Her dam, Gretchen Eva Echols Vom Stuber Haus, Sch3, is titled in bite work, at the highest level attainable. Gizelle, however, would much rather take the super model route. She had a brief run as a show dog with her former breeder/owner. We jumped at the chance to own her. A bit aloof, but serious as to her beauty regimen. She is a bit of a clown, and is very decisive in her actions. It is because of all of this that she has lodged herself very deeply in our hearts. She is definitely one of a kind



Eva is all energy and action. This very active, and animated girl, with lightning fast reflexes, was sired by World Champion Ober Von Bad-Boll, when her dam, Xylena Vom Haus Brezel, was taken to Germany for breeding. A large and imposing female, Eva is one of those German Shepherds that will scare the pants off of a stranger, if she senses that person means to do harm. This girl was chosen for her breeding for those exact traits. While most people want a family member, Eva goes above and beyond, and will instill in her offspring the traits of a well bred protection dog. Most importantly, Eva is a teddy bear to those she loves and protects. We wanted to offer a variety of temperaments when we chose our GSD’s. Eva is truly hardwired for the protection aspect that many buyers seek in a quality German Shepherd dog. 



Qrystel is simply called “Q”. This very large and alpha tempered young girl is commanding and knows what she wants. She will take no sass from any other young ladies here at Von Kariustein. She has beautiful deep pigment, large bone, and a very desirable topline. And what else would you expect if you were the daughter of the World Champion, Mentos Vom Osterberger-Land! She already displays the high drive of her sire, and has a definite hard core mind set. This girl is destined to produce some extremely spectacular puppies that will possess her no nonsense mentality and drop dead gorgeous looks! 



​Olivia arrived here at our facility direct from Germany in November 2012, after being bred by Fernando Veneze.

She is the proud mother of some exceptionally nice puppies, born 01/25/13. Olivia is extremely devoted to her caregivers and is loving, attentive and obedient. Trained and titled in Schutzhund, she received her Korung prior to being brought here. She placed 6th at the Oppenheim, Germany show in October 2012. Her trophy sits proudly displayed in our office. Olivia is a large female that has quick movement and can turn on the mean when asked. But, like all of our GSD’s, she is an affectionate teddy bear that adores attention. She is a fantastic mother.

Victoria Karius