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4-19-17:  Thanks Alena! You’ve made everything so easy for me! Thanks for all the assistance provided. You’ve been very helpful. Fabio is gorgeous, my whole family is in love with him. He is more beautiful than on pictures.


Alena, We want to thank you for helping us acquire our beautiful puppy! We are in love with him, he’s gorgeous and smart and his temperament is wonderful. He watches and listens, he already responds to a few commands at 12 wks!! You have been great to work with. We had so many questions prior to getting him from so far away and afterward we had food questions, you were always so quick to respond “Excellent Customer Service!” Thanks again for our Panzer.

Olga Rios Brancato

9-6-16:  I have attached a photograph of Abby I took a couple of months ago. She is an absolute wonderful girl. She is also AKC registered thanks to your patience with me and your help. She is going on 10 months and doing great. Somewhat head strong but all together a very kind temperament. Again thanks.


Sgt. J. Leatherwood 
Pender County Sheriff’s Office
Burgaw, NC

September 7th, 2016: Just received my Kim, her flight was early. She is beautiful!! Can’t believe how red she is!!!

September 15th, 2016: This little Kim, beyond all the awesome coloring, has an amazing personality (& she sleeps easily through 10 hours too). She is a sweet love bug but is also a pistol that can handle herself around dogs much older & bigger dogs when they get in her face too much, whoa!! NO FEAR from this Fraulein!! She is a pistol! I worked her just a few minutes on luring with food & she nailed it like it was her 10th time. I think she has the making of a great child protector AND an IPO3 …Thank you for such a wonderful addition to my home! 

Joe Featherstone

8-14-14:  Hello Alena, I just wanted to give you a current update on Wilna. She is turning a year old on Saturday, she just graduated from advance obedience and is get ready for the next stage and will continue with redundant obedience. I am handling her at all times, she won’t go to nobody, isn’t treat motivated, and is totally a daddy’s girl!!

We took 1st place in our agility training with best time and she is so so smooth and very very confident..

I am very impressed with the breeding of her and how she is as a dog and her loyalty towards me.. I really think it has a lot to do with how they work with dogs in Germany.. 

I am very interested in purchasing My MALE from you when I am ready to purchase again.. I go on your site pretty much everyday and look at upcoming breeding.. I like Risco so when he does his next breeding I would like to be in line..

Ok Alena Thank you so much for giving me my DREAM DOG!!!!! SHE HAS CHANGED MY LIFE DRASTICALLY!!

10-19-16:  Hi Alena I was curious if you were still using Volvo as a stud dog? Wilna is a little over three years old now and doing amazing:) I had her hips x-rayed with live x-rays and results came back hips excellent elbows normal.. I have all of her registration papers as well

Thank you for selling me my girl, she is absolutely amazing

Dan Milosevich

7-20-16: The dogs are doing great! They both like each other and Katja has a funny personality. Thanks so much for both of them, they are super happy, healthy and just perfect for our family!!

Rebecca Twanow

9-8-15:  Hi Alena! I am thinking about you because a friend whom I sent your way… just became the proud owner of Hope on Sunday and she is thrilled! She told me a bit about Hope’s history and how you didn’t give up on her, and I have to say, I wasn’t surprised based on our experience with you! I don’t know if Susan told you, but she met our wonderful Bear (Altai) and Sita (Hera) last week and fell in love with them. She couldn’t wait to find out who their breeder was and I am so glad that she reached out to you!

Everywhere I go, people remark on how beautiful Bear and Sita are. Our entire neighborhood knows them and they have the reputation of being “those very well trained” dogs. Everyday, I walk them off leash for 3 miles on our dirt road and when a car appears, they come to my side and stay until the car passes. They also greet everyone, including other dogs, happily. Yet I am also aware of their protectiveness of me — Bear rarely goes anywhere that he can’t see me and Sita won’t let another dog approach without her being 1 foot in front of me “just in case.” They weren’t trained to do this, it is just their incredible instinct and loyalty. And, so importantly, they are both super healthy. They are everything we wanted in our dogs, and more!

Kim Partoll

12-17-14: We just wanted to thank you again for Revis. Revis was born on 4/5/14 and is doing great. He is 8 months old now and weighs 97 pounds. You told us he was a big love bug and you were right. We could not be happier with him and when we are ready to get another puppy we will be buying her from you. Thank you.

Bill & Tracey Joyce

5-8-14: Luke is 54 lbs at 5mo old! He is starting with pro trainer next week but he is already super obedient. Very nice dog and also very spoiled. Since seeing Luke lots of GSD lovers ask us for your info. We love your breeding so much we made a decision to purchase another dog from you: we want Scarlett. Thanks a million.

Roman Bajamic

3-27-14:  [Ulyana..daughter of Gretchen] She’s here, and we love her! She must have slept all the way because she is full of energy now. 

8-15-15:  I just wanted to let you know that I had ANOTHER person ask where I got her! Whenever someone new to the Schutzhund club sees her work they are amazed! Also, for fun, I am taking her to an Obedience Open/ Utility class and the trainer just loves her. She, too, asked where I got her. 

5/17/16: Yea, made it. Protection 93. Tracking 87 in extremely hard conditions, lack of rain has made all the dirt fields hard as concrete, and obedience 83 (I need to work on all the small details for her IPO2…faster sits, firmer grip on dumb bell, etc.) 

6-11-16: [A’Maxim] He was the most handsome dog at the Menlo regional breed survey. 

Lorraine MacSwain

9-18-13:  First just wanted to tell you how great of a dog Django has been for us. On top of being absolutely gorgeous, he’s happy, energetic, alert, and enthusiastic to learn anything that we try w him.

Pat Walsh

10-9-13: We just wanted to drop you a note on the female Deonna that we bought from you in 2011. She is just absolutely the best house dog you could possibly ask for. She is excellent in protecting her house. She refuses to get on the furniture even when invited to. She has never made A MESS IN THE HOUSE and never touched anything that wasn’t hers.

She does get in bed with us and stays there until the TV goes off then she goes to her bed. She went through obedience school flawlessly. We love her so much and I honestly believe we could not have bought a better companion anywhere else. thank you.

Tim and Jackie Sutton

7-22-12: I thought you would like to see a recent photo of Khloe. She is a smart, wonderful dog and we couldn’t be more thrilled. We found a trainer in Maine who specializes in German Shepherd police dogs so she is off to a good start!

Sally Martell

7-21-12:  We bought our puppie from you in Nov. 2011, aka “Falcon”. He is absolutely wonderful!! He has become a complete member of our family. I have attached a picture of our 8 month grandson and “Jake” while we were all on vacation over the 4th. We found some orphaned 2 week old kittens several months ago. Jake become their mother as we bottle fed them. They are about 5 months old now and he still licks, sniffs and keeps up with them everywhere they go. He has to be sure they are OK and everything is as he thinks it should be. If they go or do something he doesn’t think they need to be doing, he just picks them up with his mouth and gently takes them to where he thinks they need to be. It has been really awesome to watch how he takes care of them. Thanks again for such a wonderful puppy. He is a very special member of our family!

Susan Cobb

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