Read What Von Haus Wisen Baker Customers are Saying

A day after our puppy was born, I found Alena and Von Haus Wisen Baker. We talked for hours via text about him and his parents, and we got pictures every few days with updates of his growing progress. I could tell in the beginning Alena Bennett was feeling out what kind of person I was, and what kind of home the pup would go to, and it truly is an experience of adopting versus “buying” a purebred.

It made me all the more confident that Von Haus Wisen Baker was the choice for us, after many no-calls and no-shows from other breeders, or breeders that treated the puppies like commodities or stocks. She can tell what kind of person you are practically immediately, and the pedigrees she raises up can do precisely the same thing.

If you simply want to make a wire transfer “buy a dog”, look elsewhere because she’ll figure you out right quick.

My husband and I picked up our sable boy late July, and immediately a light was added into our lives. In her home were greeted by a chorus of dogs reacting to our presence, but all quickly fell silent as a church with a single word from her. An older female GSD accompanied our puppy into Alena’s office where we went over AKC registrations and all the paperwork to take him home. I could tell the older GSD was feeling us out too, but settled down at my husband’s feet and let our puppy crawl over her.

Any questions about his development, she was there. You don’t buy a dog from her, you adopt a member into your family, and she will be there for anything you could possibly need.


We couldn’t be happier with the new addition to our family. I decided to buy from Von Haus Wisen Baker after my brother had purchased his newest Shepherd from Alena. After meeting her, seeing her dogs and how professional her operation was it was an easy choice. Rose is now 6 months. She is everything you would expect from a dog of this caliber. Rose is extremely smart, has a level disposition with people, other dogs and even cats. Rose’s health temperament and intelligence is first rate.

Keith Evans

This kennel and breeder is what I would aspire to be if I ever was to sell puppies. I wasn’t looking for the cheapest German Shepherd when I found this site. I was looking for good breeding and champion bloodlines. I wanted a really good dog. I looked online and did a lot of research before deciding to choose this breeder.

When I called, I got the response I expected. Alena, answered the phone every time I called and answered every one of my questions. She is very knowledgeable and knows the German Shepherd breed like the back of her hand. She never pressured me to buy from her, but answered all my questions and let me decide what to do. Never treated me rude or impolite.

When I went to pick up my girl pup, she took the time to sit and talk with me and my son about breeding and all the details. She didn’t rush the process or grab my money and run me out the door. She took time with me.

Yes, she is detailed and loves her dogs. Maybe one day I can afford a $12,000 puppy. I bought one of the less expensive ones this time. But when I want another good dog I’ll be coming back to Alena. She’s knows more than anyone else I’ve found. Very good experience and very good quality dog. I just bought my pup two months ago so I’m a very recent customer.

Thanks Alena for not destroying the German Shepherd breed with backyard tactics but taking the time and effort to show your dogs and do it right. You are doing a great job.

Carlton Noble

Alena is an INCREDIBLE breeder and I HIGHLY recommend her if you’re in the market for a well tempered, gorgeous GSD! I grew up with shepherds but this is the first I’ve had with such amazing parents and this is also the youngest shepherd I’ve had but she’s the most well behaved! We love her and will definitely be doing business with Alena again!

Kenny Nero, Jr.

My Ellie is the nicest, sweetest German shepherd I’ve ever had. She plays with all of the other dogs but then understand when it’s time to relax at the end of the night. She is the worlds greatest family dog and I don’t know what I’d do without her. She’s my best friend and if it wasn’t for von haus wisenbaker, I wouldn’t have such an amazing best friend.

John Babbitt

It is my pleasure to give a Five-Star review for Von Haus Wisen Baker German Shepherds and the owner Alena. Over the last 2 years, my working relationship with Alena has been nothing short of exceptional. I contacted Alena about using her Stud service for the start of my breeding program. She provided me expert advice and helped me choose the best possible match for my desired outcome. During my girl’s off season we stayed in touch and she recommended various solutions to some of the problems that I was having with conception for my girl. Alena helped me start my breeding program when no one else would. I am eternally grateful to her for that and look forward to a very long working relationship with Alena.

Dr. Charmayne Everhart
Founder & President
Autumns House of German Shepherds LLC

When we were looking for GSD showline puppies across the internet, our main goal was to find a puppy that has excellent hips and elbows with DM clear. I am lucky to have found Von haus Wisen Baker. Our dog figaro sushi von haus wisenbaker has excellent temperament, drive, healthy and plays so well with my two kids (5 and 3 yr old ). He is extremely trainable, curious and eager to learn new things. All along this process, Alena has been very responsive, helpful and educating us in this process. I highly recommend this breeder, easy to transition as they live in the house, plays with other dogs etc.

If you live close to VA, please visit and see it for yourself. Fasap and her other dogs are friendly towards people, kids and her oldest (14 yr old) jumped on the couch and sat with us while filling the paperwork. This should explain their health in general.

Naga V

My husband and I purchased our puppy from Alena and she has been wonderful! We began off leash training with her about a month ago. She is so intelligent and has been very easy to train thus far. Even when we got her at 8 weeks old she began sleeping through the night within a few days and was house trained in about 1 week. We constantly get compliments from strangers on how beautiful she is. She is very social and gets along well with other dogs, cats and children! We could not be happier with her.

Kim Wooldridge

We’ve bought 3 German Shepherds from Alena over the last 6 years. All of them are very even-tempered, very loving, and very protective. They have learned quickly and are eager to please. When we take them out with us, they are very social and friendly with everyone. At home, they are protective when someone comes over until we tell them it’s okay, then they settle right down (but always still keep an eye out “just in case”). They all travel very well, housebroke and crate-trained within a couple of weeks, and learned their basic commands with ease. We don’t show or breed; our dogs are just pets/family members. From an ego perspective, we always get tons of complements on how gorgeous they are whenever we take them out. They simply outshine the “typical” black and white shepherds you normally see.

We did a lot of research on GSD breeders before spending that much money for a “pet”. After meeting Alena and her pack, seeing how well cared for her dogs are, and how even-tempered her dogs are, we had no trouble spending the money for a top-notch dog. You get what you pay for. After we bought the first one, we didn’t hesitate to come back to Alena when we were ready to get another (and another) one. Her dogs might cost a little more than other breeders, but they are well worth it. And that’s just from having them as pets—I’m sure her “premium” dogs would have no trouble at all meeting breed standards and show ratings for breeding and/or showing.

We have a full house right now; 3 GSDs, a border collie, and 3 cats. But, once we’re ready for another family member, we will absolutely come back to Alena.

Maria Gore

Michael and Karla Norris. We bought our first Male from her about two years ago. We have been so happy with his size and temperament. He is currently being trained for personal protection and doing excellent. Great health extremely strong and a true Alpha Male. A week ago we picked up two beautiful females from her. Jocelyn is the older and larger of the two and she begins her training for personal protection in two days. The smaller one is a beautiful long hair. It is true her dogs are a bit expensive but you get a very high quality breed with great health. Honestly to me and my wife the price seemed quite reasonable. Given what you get, the care and professionalism that went into them. And these are the real German Shepherd’s. Not like the smaller American version. My first male is not quite two years old and is a beautiful beast! I really have a hard time believing the negative reviews I read. I would caution you to not allow yourself to be swayed by them. Investigate for yourself. She obviously loves her dogs, cares for them and feeds them very well. Obviously she has pride in what she does and she should. When I get ready for another one I will absolutely return here. If you are considering purchasing a quality German Shepherd this is where you will find one. I guarantee you will be pleased.

Michael and Karla Norris

Alena is a responsible serious breeder with superb Shepherds. Her breeding program is second to non and she is producing amazing puppies. So much so that we decided to buy 2 pups(male and female) from separate litters. We could not be happier. Our vet immediately recognized the quality of our pups and everywhere we go people have to comment. Thank you Alena!!!

Pedro Lescaille

My husband and I were looking for a pure breed GSD, and we went to a few different breeders. Alyona has the best GSD bloodline puppies. We bought our puppy from her and he came with all his certificate and shots. She even gave us a handout of how to take care of our puppy. Our puppy is a very smart, healthy and gorgeous looking one. When we took our puppy out, a lot of people asked where we got him. We are so happy that we got our puppy from her.

Oogii Sod

I’ve personally been here and I must say the place is clean & spacious. The love the pups get is wonderful. The pups are not shy and love to play. Mrs Alena is professional and dedicated . The love and time she dedicates to these pups is amazing, you would think they’re actual children. Quality isn’t expensive it’s priceless. Being able to call one of these pups “mine” is a gift for life because you will not find a better companion.

Veronica Arroyo

Just had Nasir at his first schutzhund class he did pretty good. The second time we worked him he started nipping at the dummy. You would not believe the complements I am getting on him. I have had him at two different vets and they both said he was a good looking German Shepard.I have talked to three different trainers and they all asked were I got him. With out hesitation I answered Von Haus Wisen Baker!!!

Mike Polkabla